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SHELX Homepage
Manuals, tutorials, descriptions of the different versions of SHELX, how to obtain the software.

SHELX Tutorial

Small Molecule Disorder Tutorial

Twinning Tutorial

P1 Lysozyme Refinement Tutorial

Mini Protein Refinement Tutorial

A Guide to Using the SHELXTL Crystallographic Software Package, XSHELL version, 2004
Guide in PDF format by Gregory S. Girolami
(To navigate the manual, click on bookmarks, then double click on the section you wish to view.)

A Guide to Using SHELXTL XP, NT Version, 2000
Guide in PDF format by Gregory S. Girolami, Julia L. Brumaghim, James G. Priepot, and Jon P. Goveia
(Table of Contents has links to coinciding contents in the body of the text)

Using Free Variables and Restraints, 1999 (pdf)
by Gregory S. Girolami

SHELXTL97 Manual
University of California, San Francisco, Macromolecular Structure Group
George L. Clark X-Ray Facility
& 3M Materials Lab

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505 S. Mathews Ave.
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