Chemistry at Illinois University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois

Administrative Offices


Secretarial Offices
Person Address phone number
(area code: 217)
Department of Chemistry 109 NL 244-5943 FAX
Head Martin Gruebele 109 NL 333-5071
  Assistant to the Head (Head's Calendar) Staci Ryan 109 NL 333-5071
  Office Support Associate
Samantha Langley 109 NL
  Senior Financial Analyst Jenny Cox 109 NL
  Associate Director of Administration and Operations Jodi Bear 109 NL 265-0294
  Director of Graduate Diversity Ellen Wang Althaus 107 NL 244-1259
  Director of Undergraduate Studies Gretchen Adams 367I NL 244-8279
  Undergraduate Student Services
Heather Schulze
109 NL
  Graduate Student Services Connie Knight 109 NL
  Graduate Admissions and Records Officer
Sean Drummond 300 A&B NL 244-6245
  Office Support Associate
Michelle Self-Ballard 300 A&B NL
  Communications and Advancement Coordinator
Star Murray 109 NL



Associate Head, Budget and Operations Scott Silverman 109 NL 333-5071
Associate Head, Buildings and Services Ben McCall 109 NL 333-5071
General Chemistry      
  Director of General Chemistry Christian Ray 367C NL 333-6353
  Secretary Keena Finney 367E NL 333-3015

Area Offices
  Analytical BeckyDuffield 68 RAL 300-4441
  Chemical Biology Kara Metcalf 61 RAL 244-9174
  Inorganic Beth Myler A131 CLSL 333-9671
  Organic Kara Metcalf 61 RAL 244-0769
  Physical Beth Myler A131 CLSL 333-2556
  Materials Beth Myler A131 CLSL 333-2556






Human Resources      
  Associate Director of Human Resources -
Faculty, Academic Professional, Civil Service appointments; Vacation Sick Leave; Extra Help requests; policy interpretation; and labor relations issues
Jennifer Russell 316 NL 300-1637
  RA/TA appointments; Academic, Grad, UG and Extra Help Hourly appointments; and payroll Leslie Chenoweth 314 NL 300-1637



 Visas; Postdoc and Visiting Scholar appointments.

Jonathan Freiman

314A NL


Academic Advising    
Academic Advisor
Wolali Dedo 110B NL 244-8531
Academic Advisor Arif Fazel 110C NL 244-0263
Academic Advisor Todd Spinner 110A NL 244-6605







Career Counseling & Placement Services Office    
Director Patricia Simpson 105 NL 333-1050







Facilities and Safety Chad Stevens 168 NL 333-1972
Stations, Dispensing    
  Mail & Duplicating   29B RAL 333-1974
  Receiving   29A RAL 333-3257
  Storeroom Office   94 RAL 244-0985
  RAL Storeroom   94 RAL 333-3564


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