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Yi Lu

Jay and Ann Schenck Professor of Chemistry

Professor Yi Lu received his B.S. from Peking University, P. R. China in 1986 and his Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles in 1992. After two years of postdoctoral research at California Institute of Technology, he joined the faculty at Illinois in 1994. Professor Yi Lu's research interests are in bioinorganic chemistry.


The Lu group's research interests lie at the interface between chemistry and biology. We are developing new chemical approaches to provide deeper insight into biological structures and functions. We are taking advantage of recently developed biological tools to advance many areas in chemistry, including bioinorganic, bioanalytical, and biomaterials chemistry. Bioorganic and biophysical methods and tools are also being used. Our main areas of research include:

 1. Biosynthetic inorganic chemistry and its application in environmentally benign catalysis in renewable energy generation and pharmaceuticals.

2. Fundamental understanding of DNAzymes and aptamers, and their applications in environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and targeted drug delivery.

3. Employing principles from biology for directed assembly of nanomaterials, and its applications in photonics and sensing.

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  • Applied Inorganic Chemistry Award, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007
  • Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (SBIC) Early Career Award, 2007
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professors Award, 2002
  • University Scholar Award (UIUC), 2002
  • Award Runner-up for the Biosensors and Bioelectronics Award, 2002
  • University of Illinois SCS Excellence in Teaching Award, 2000
  • Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, 1999
  • National Science Foundation Special Creativity Award
  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 1998
  • Cottrell Scholars Award (Research Corporation), 1997
  • Beckman Young Investigator Award, 1996


"Smart Nanomaterials Inspired by Biology: Dynamic Assembly of Error-Free Nanomaterials in Response to Multiple Chemical and Biological Stimuli", published in Accounts of Chemical Research was featured on the ACS Publications website as one of the Most-Cited Articles published in 2007 and cited through the period ending December 31, 2007

Dr. Lu's paper on Chemical Education was published in one of the most impacted magzine of general science, Science, and highlighted by Chemical and Engineering Newsw published by ACS.

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