Chemistry at Illinois University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois

Chemistry Faculty

Ryan Bailey Ryan C. Bailey Associate Professor of Chemistry
Martin Burke Martin D. Burke Professor of Chemistry
jchan Jefferson Chan Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Scott Denmark Scott E. Denmark Reynold C. Fuson Professor of Chemistry
Dana Dlott Dana D. Dlott William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor of Chemistry
fout Alison R. Fout Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Robert Gennis Robert B. Gennis Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Chemistry
J. Woodland Hasting Endowed Chair
Affiliate, Beckman Institute
John Gerlt John A. Gerlt Gutgsell Chair
Professor of Biochemistry
Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics
Professor of Basic Medical Sciences
Andrew Gewirth Andrew Gewirth Professor of Chemistry
Gregory Girolami Gregory S. Girolami Department Head
William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor of Chemistry
Steve Granick Steve Granick Founder Professor of Materials Science and Engineering,
Professor of Chemistry,
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Physics and Biophysics
Martin Gruebele Martin Gruebele James R. Eiszner Endowed Chair in Chemistry;
Professor of Physics and
Center for Biophysics and Computational Biology
Sharon Hammes-Schiffer Sharon Hammes-Schiffer Swanlund Chair
Professor of Chemistry
Paul Hergenrother Paul J. Hergenrother

Kenneth L. Rinehart Jr. Endowed Chair in Natural Products Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry
Affiliate, Department of Biochemistry

So Hirata
So Hirata Professor of Chemistry
Blue Waters Professor
Alumni Research Scholar
Kami Hull Kami Hull Assistant Professor of Chemistry
jian Prashant Jain

Assistant Professor of Chemistry,
Department of Physics Affiliate
Beckman Institute Affiliate

Deborah Leckband Deborah E. Leckband Reid T. Milner Professor
Yi Lu Yi Lu Jay and Ann Schenck Professor of Chemistry
Zaida Luthey-Schulten Zaida (Zan) Luthey-Schulten William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor of Chemistry
Nancy Makri Nancy Makri Gutgsell Professor
Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Physics
Benjamin McCall Benjamin J. McCall Professor of Chemistry and Astronomy
Associate Head of Buildings and Services
Affiliate, Department of Physics
mitchell Douglas A. Mitchell Assistant Professor of Chemistry,
Affiliate, Department of Microbiology
Faculty, Institute for Genomic Biology:
Mining Microbial Genomes for Novel Antibiotics
Jeff Moore photo Jeffrey S. Moore
Murchison-Mallory Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Murphy Catherine J. Murphy Peter C. and Gretchen Miller Markunas Professor of Chemistry
Associate Director, Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
Affiliate, Materials Science and Engineering
Affiliate, Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
Ralph Nuzzo Ralph Nuzzo G. L. Clark Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Eric Oldfield Eric Oldfield Alumni Research Scholar
Harriet Harlin Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Biophysics
Richard Perry Richard H. Perry Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Philip Phillips Philip W. Phillips Professor of Physics and Bliss Faculty Scholar
Thomas Rauchfuss Thomas B. Rauchfuss Larry Faulkner Professor of Chemistry
Chad Rienstra Chad M. Rienstra Professor of Chemistry,
Affiliate, Computational Biology and Biophysics,
Affiliate, Biochemistry
Jaoquin Rodriguez-Lopez Joaquín Rodríguez-López Assistant Professor of Chemistry
John Rogers John A. Rogers Swanlund Chair
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor of Chemistry
Director, Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
photo of David Sariah David Sarlah Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Klaus Schulten Klaus J. Schulten Swanlund Professor of Physics
Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Biophysics and Computational Biology
Kenneth Schweizer Kenneth S. Schweizer Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry, and
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Scott Silverman photo Scott K. Silverman Professor of Chemistry
Associate Head of Budget and Operations
Affiliate, Department of Biochemistry
Stephen Sligar Stephen G. Sligar Director, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Swanlund Chair
Professor of Biochemistry
Professor of Chemistry
Kenneth Suslick Kenneth S. Suslick Marvin T. Schmidt Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Beckman Institute for
Advanced Science and Technology
Jonathan Sweedler Jonathan V. Sweedler James R. Eiszner Family Chair in Chemistry
Director of the School of Chemical Sciences
Associated with the Beckman Institute,
Biotechnology Center,
Neuroscience Program and Bioengineering Program
Wilfred van der Donk Wilfred A. van der Donk Richard E. Heckert Endowed Chair in Chemistry
Howard Hughes Medical Investigator
Renske van der Veen photo Renske M. van der Veen Assistant Professor of Chemistry
josh vw Josh Vura-Weis Assistant Professor of Chemistry
M. Christina White M. Christina White Professor of Chemistry
Steven Zimmerman Steven C. Zimmerman Roger Adams Professor of Chemistry