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The Department of Chemistry offers several degree options, as well as a certificate option. Our PhD degree allows students to focus their research in either one of our four principal areas, or in one of our several interdisciplinary areas.



In addition, the Department of Chemistry offers these select degrees:




The Department of Chemistry also provides these certificates:




The Department of Chemistry offers a wide variety of courses to assist students in developing their individual area of interest and research.



Current graduate students of the Department of Chemistry can find assistance with classes and other concerns in the Graduate Student Services office.

Choosing Your Faculty Advisor

In the fall of each year the faculty give presentations of their research for incoming graduate students.


Students who seek admittance to the Department of Chemistry must also meet the requirements and submit an application to the Graduate College.

Please click here for more information on  Graduate Admissions.


Springborn Fellowship Program

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce the addition of our new Springborn Fellowships in Chemistry.  The Springborn Fellowship is generously provided by Dr. Robert and Mrs. Carolyn Springborn, and is among our most competitive of fellowships.  For more information on this prestigious fellowship, please click here.

Training Program at the Chemistry Biology Interface

A fuller understanding of virtually all living systems at the molecular level has lead to revolutionary changes in the fields of chemistry and biology and has rendered transparent the boundary between them. For more information, click here to learn about the Chemistry Biology Interface Program.


Graduate Student Organizations

Many different graduate student organizations exist within the University of Illinois, giving graduate students the opportunity to participate in the campus and community in unique and beneficial ways.

These organizations include: