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Deborah Leckband Elected a Biomedical Engineering Society Fellow

Professor Leckband was recognized for her research in how mechanical and biochemical signals are transduced across cell membranes and also for her studies of fundamental molecular forces and their roles in a range of applications in biotechnology.

photo of Deborah Leckband
photo of Prashant Jain

Prashant K. Jain Receive Beckman Young Investigator Award

Professor Jain is one of seven to receive the 2014 Beckman Award. This will enable him to continue his work on nanoscale imaging of catalysts in action.

Alison Fout to Receive a NSF CAREER Award

Professor Fout is receiving this prestigious award for young faculty for her potential in researching the development of cobalt(I) catalysts featuring strong-field ligands for C-X bond formation.

photo of Alison Fout

photo of Mitchell Research Group

Innovative Technique May Transform the Hunt for New Antibiotics and Cancer Therapies

In a study reported in ACS Chemical Biology, the Mitchell research group reports having developed a new technique to quickly uncover novel, medically relevant products produced by bacteria.


Taras Pogorelov Named a 2014 NCSA Faculty Fellow

Dr. Pogorelov is one of nine selected to be a NCSA Fellow and along with colleagues will develop an interface for the Computational Discovery Desktop software package.

photo of Taras Pogorelov

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