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Thomas Allen to receive 2015-2016 Blue Waters Graduate Fellowship

Tom Allen is one of a few outstanding computatonal science PhD students nationwide selected to receive this award.

Physical and Materials Chemist, Renske van der Veen Joined the Chemistry Faculty in April

She is interested in the study of atomic-scale mechanisms of light-induced processes, such as photoswitching, photovoltaics and photocatalysis. To find out more about her and her research, click the link above to be taken to her web page.

Renske van der Veen photo

Kenneth Suslick photo

Ultrasonic Hammer Sets off Tiny Explosions

Kenneth Suslick, Dana Dlott and colleagues used an "ultrasonic hammer" to provide insight into how explosives work and how to control them.

Molecule-making Machine Simplifies Complex Chemistry

The Burke group has developed a molecule-making machine having the potential to speed up new drug development. Their work is featured on the cover of the March 13 issue of Science.

A machine in University of Illinois chemistry professor Martin Burke's lab assembles complex small molecules out of simple chemical building blocks, like a 3-D printer on the molecular level.
Douglas Mitchell photo

Douglas Mitchell Recipient of the 2015 Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry

He was cited for his outstanding work in enzyme chemistry where the presence of enzyme action is unequivocally demonstrated.

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