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Chemistry Public Engagement and Outreach

Welcome to the University of Illinois
REACT Program!

spring 2017

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Do you like working with children? Do you want to be a reason why chemistry is fun and interactive for children? And for all James Scholar students, do you want to earn honors credit (without having to write essays)? Then we are a perfect fit! REACT is back for another spring semester!

General Chemistry

Mandatory Orientation Dates & Times: January 30th, 31st, or February 1st at 7pm in room 217 Noyes

Check our facebook page for more information.

If you no longer plan to continue as a REACT volunteer throughout the duration of the semester, or have any schedule changes (add/drop course/work), please inform us by sending an email to the addressing any decision. (Note: If you are an honors student and plan to no longer continue, you will not earn credit.)

Organic Chemistry

Mandatory Orientation Dates & Times: January 31st, or February 1st at 5 pm in room 217 Noyes

Our website for the REACT organic program can be found here:

You may find deadlines and instructions for the organic projects at our wiki page.

If you are an organic chemistry student, please email with any questions.

Have any questions? Feel free to email us at

We look forward to working with you!