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Snyder Scholars

More than twenty years ago, the students and friends of Harold R. Snyder established an endowment fund in his honor to support undergraduate students with an interest in organic chemistry.  Each year the Department of Chemistry is able to use these funds to host students with a broad range of chemistry interests for a portion of the summer.

The scholarship provides: 

  • $5,000 stipend for a ten-week stay in our department
  • $750 for research expenses to the hosting laboratory
  • travel to/from Urbana, reimbursed as allowable per University of Illinois policy
  • student housing (pre-arranged and paid by our department); meals are not included

Students must have sophomore or junior standing at the time of nomination, plus two semesters of organic chemistry lecture and laboratory in order to be eligible.  They should also be inclined to pursue graduate studies in organic chemistry.

For detailed information about the research areas of the individual faculty members, please see

Students must be nominated by and have a letter of recommendation submitted by their nominator.  The nomination materials must be submitted by the deadline and must include the student's CV/resume, an unofficial transcript, and a brief statement of research interests, including names of Illinois chemistry faculty who interest the student. 

The 2016 Snyder Scholarship nominations period has ended. Information for the 2017 nomination period will be posted later in the fall semester.

For more information on this program contact:

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