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General Chemistry Program

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois

The Division of General Chemistry is a starting point for many of the first year students at the University of Illinois. General Chemistry courses are necessary in a variety of majors across campus as well as being the basic building blocks for the UIUC's Chemistry Majors.

Over 4,000 students are enrolled in one or more of the General Chemistry Division's 12 courses in the fall semester and over 3,500 in 11 courses in the spring.

General Chemistry courses include three varieties: laboratory, lecture-discussion and quiz. Laboratory courses use interactive computer based experiments as well as the standard "wet" labs. The lecture-discussion course (Chem 101D) is different from a regular lecture based course. Students meet in smaller classes of around 28 students per class with a teaching assistant directing the learning. There is no large lecture but a professor does act as a director overseeing the course. Quiz courses follow a more standard set-up involving lectures presented by one of our professors and smaller quiz sections directed by a teaching assistant. Three online chemistry courses will be offered Summer Session II, June 12 – August 3, 2017.

The Proficiency Exam is also arranged through the General Chemistry Division. Informational bulletins about the exam may be picked up in the General Chemistry office (367E Noyes Lab) and are also available on the web.

If you have questions that aren't answered by our FAQ, don't hesitate to contact the General Chemistry office and talk with Keena Finney (333-3015). If you have a question about your course, the course director's information should be in your syllabus or lab manual. You can also access the General Chemistry professors' e-mails on the General Chemistry Faculty web pages or on the courses pages.

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