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Internships for Chemistry Undergraduates

Internships are different from Cooperative Education experiences, as we define them. An internship is a one-time work experience that is most commonly in the summer or sometimes during a semester. Students who plan to do an internship during a fall or spring semester are expected to register for Chemistry 295 or CHBE 210, as appropriate. If the internship is repeated with the same company it is still considered an internship. It is also possible for a student to have several internships with different companies, thus allowing a student to obtain multiple experiences in various industries.

For an experience to be considered a co-operative experience a student must have applied for the program and work a minimum of three terms with the same company and only one term may be summer.

The I-Link can be a useful source of information for students seeking internships.

For more information regarding internship opportunities, please contact the SCS Career Services Office.

SCS Career Services Office
105 Noyes Laboratory