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The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois

Undergraduate Aid and Support

Overview of Departmental Scholarships

The Department of Chemistry has a number of scholarships available for declared chemistry majors. These awards are mostly merit based though other factors, including need, may factor into the final decision. Therefore, we encourage all chemistry majors to apply. Applications for awards are open at various times throughout the calendar year, so please check this page often for updates.

All Chemistry awards are processed using the same application pool, so if you are interested in applying for an award, you should only submit one complete application. As part of the application process, you will need to provide information and upload a current resume (required), as well as list contact information for references (recommended but not required). Your application will be compared against the qualifications for awards available at the time.

Fall semester awardees will be notified in late August.

University of Illinois Financial Aid

All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. More information about financial aid at the University of Illinois can be found through the Office of Student Financial Aid.



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