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Transfer Credit For "College Credit", "AP Credit" For Courses Taken In High School, Proficiency Credit in General Chemistry

Transfer Credit in General Chemistry

If you take a general chemistry course in a class containing college students, then the credit may be transferable.

Your classes will be evaluated after you submit your application and application fee. Students attending 2-year and some 4-year institutions in Illinois may work with an advisor at their current institution. To review courses for transferability, refer to Transferology.

Please contact the SCS Academic Advising Office for more information.

School of Chemical Sciences Academic Advising Office
110 A, B & C Noyes Lab, MC-712
To schedule an appointment, please call 217-333-1051

AP Credit in General Chemistry Courses

Students who earn a 3 on the AP exam will receive 3 hours of chem 102 credit. Students who earn a 4 or 5 on the AP exam will earn 3 hours of chem 102 credit and 3 hours of chem 104 credit. No AP credit hours will be earned for lab hours. In some instances, certain colleges at UIUC will waive the lab requirement if AP credit is earned. Contact your college advisor to see if this is the case.

Proficiency Exam

The last option to earn credit in a general chemistry lecture course(s) is to take the proficiency exam. We offer the exam during the Fall and Spring semesters and, in each case, the exam is offered the Saturday before classes begin at 3 pm. You can confirm the start time for the exam by contacting the General Chemistry office at 217-333-3015.

The proficiency exam can be taken by anyone. Three hours of CHEM 102 credit can be earned, as well as an additional 3 hours of CHEM 104 credit if you do extremely well on the exam. No lab credit can be earned from the proficiency exam. However, some colleges will waive the lab course requirement with proficiency credit. Contact your college advisor to see if this is the case.

Another exam we offer in General Chemistry is a 104 proficiency exam. This is designed for students who have 3 hours of CHEM 102 credit and would like to earn an additional 3 hours of CHEM 104 credit. This exam is also offered two times a year, 3 pm the Saturday before classes begin before the Fall and Spring semesters. Access more information about the proficiency exams; if you have questions, please contact Tom Hummel.